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Consumer behaviour cannot be affected even with a multi-million Euro campaign, but we can try to hack it with much smaller investments.

The truth about food has been obscured with marketing, packaging and communication constructions for decades. Even the well-informed consumer is finding it increasingly difficult to figure out what the smart choices are when it comes to food.

These developments, enhanced by a number of scandals in (fresh) food, have led to an increasing degree of suspicion among consumers throughout the years with respect to all food manufacturers and (semi)government institutions.

Technical developments
Initial studies performed by Vision Kitchen with regards to the application of certain technical developments, have indicated that it is technically possible to make responsible decision-making easier for consumers.

Using artificial intelligence combined with design thinking, a system can be developed without stakeholder involvement, allowing consumers to see at a glance what product would be the best choice.

Virtual information layer over the shelf
By using this application, a virtual informational layer is placed over the supermarket shelf, simply classifying products with: green (no restrictions), orange, (limit use), red (better to choose an alternative).

This is a way to present the user with information right at the essential purchasing moment. This technology allows all consumers to use the information in any store.

Vision Kitchen has created a team with field expertise in artificial intelligence (deep learning) and human-centred design, and initial tests have been performed. The results show (be it in an experimental phase) that it is possible to show the consumer the best purchasing options in the supermarket in a very accessible way.

Opportunities for fresh
Because the scan will provide a negative advice with respect to certain products, the application will be able to offer a healthier (easy to prepare) alternative. This offers very interesting opportunities for AGF and it will have a positive effect on vegetable and fruit consumption.

Want to join?
This phase requires a lot of knowledge, research and budget for the feasibility study and the development of this application. Vision Kitchen is looking for partners willing to contribute to the development of a tool that will allow for a positive influence to be exerted on the present food system. Curious about this project? Please contact us via:  or call Joost van Veen at: +31622696476

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