About Vision Kitchen

Vision Kitchen was founded in 2016 by Arie van Baarle
and Joost van Veen

Their total of 50+ years combined experience in brand development, value proposition design, digital transformation, socio-demography and food (global food developments, trends, weak signals, market insights) in 2016 all came together in Vision Kitchen.

Arie van Baarle Since 1987 actively involved in innovative projects for design, brand development, communication and technology. 

. www.linkedin.com/in/arievanbaarle

Joost van Veen A food globetrotter and food marketeer. He frequently travels the world to study global food developments, production, consumer behavior, retail and out of home developments.


Vision Kitchen
Stationsplein 45 A4.004
3013AK Rotterdam
+31(0)6 22696476

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