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Value Proposition Design, Branding, Businessmodel Innovation & Scenarioplanning for food

Due to sociodemographic, technological, digital, biological and climatological developments, the world of food is changing rapidly. Work together with Vision Kitchen to explore your potential future and the opportunities brought about by this changing world

We are currently at the eve of a transition in food, yet it is still difficult to estimate what it will be like. Some will see this transition as a big opportunity, others will mainly experience it as a source of uncertainty. What is certain, is that this changing world requires a broader perspective on innovation and value proposition design with relevant, distinguishing and added value for customers and consumers.

Vision Kitchen can deploy its extensive experience in terms of marketing, technology and the relationship between human and food, manufacturers and related organisations to help explore these areas further and make strategic decisions. 

Changing playing field

The developments involved in the 4th industrial revolution* and the changes in terms of sociodemographics and climate, will not only impact food production processes, but also branding, transportation, trade, contracting, quality control, communication, finance and our relationship with food.

 *For an explanation of the 4th industrial revolution, watch the clip below from the World Economic Forum

Many organisations are finding it difficult to estimate how they can best deal with these developments, and how to best prioritise the steps that should be taken. Vision Kitchen can help, by choosing a clear direction together with the principal and then working to gradually align the products and services with this direction.

Vision Kitchen’s focus areas are medium (between 5 and 10 years) and long (between 10 and 25 years) term developments. In the meantime, we look at how optimisation can be realised int the short term as well, as a prelude to the long-term strategy.

Vision Kitchen’s Food 2025

Anticipate the future and begin making your business models, services or brands future-proof today. With an outlook of between 5 and 10 years, we work together with our clients to build future-proof organisations, business models and value propositions in (fresh) food (B2B & B2C)

Value proposition design / Brand development

Vision Kitchen’s Food 2040

Work with Vision Kitchen to develop potential future scenarios for your organisation. Based on Vision Kitchen’s visions in terms of food, technology, digitalisation and sociodemographics, the most relevant scenarios are elaborated, contributing to focus and direction within your organisation. Once the various scenarios are mapped out, a strategy can be linked to the roadmap. This helps make better substantiated decisions for long-term investments.

Vision Kitchen Scenario planning

Exploitation vs Exploration

We see that a lot of organisations are finding it difficult to take the changing future into account within the confines of current business processes. And yet it is very important to take a pro-active attitude instead of waiting until all you can do is “innovate” with your back against the wall. In our vision, it is necessary to have exploration run parallel to exploitation and combine innovation with ‘optimisation’. As you can see in the model below, (business model) innovation takes place at the crossroads between both processes.

 Vision Kitchen can help create this exploration together with the principal, by assessing current activities (both exploitation and already present exploration), designing the exploration process and activating it.

Design thinking

We employ a design-thinking method in all our projects. Design thinking means that you do not depart from a specific problem definition, but the trigger for change or improvement instead. It may come across as nitpicking, but both the results and processes are very different. The downside of departing from a problem definition is that your solution already involves your organisation moving in a specific direction. When you take the trigger as your point of departure, clarifying insights can be gained, leading towards a different or more precise problem definition.

By involving your stakeholders at an early stage of a project (looking outwards), the next steps in the development can be tested, prototyped and developed much more quickly through an iterative process. This provides a more relevant and better end-result, fully aligned with the relevant wishes and needs of the business partners.

Because we begin our process with qualitative research of relevant stakeholders and ‘immerse’ ourselves in their world and markets, we are able to accomplish a much more concrete and relevant problem definition.

Brand development according to Vision Kitchen

The traditional brand development method does not work in (fresh) food. A contemporary food brand is not just a product, feeling or promise, but it constitutes the accumulation of all the experiences a client or consumer has with your product and/or service. These experiences must lead to a realistic and relevant distinction for customers and/or consumers. In a well-aligned proposition, the technical, biological and physical aspects all come together and ‘commodity trade’ can be transformed into a service-oriented, relevant business offering.

Whether it be developing a new product brand, (re)branding or positioning of an organisation; we believe that the only way to make food distinguishing today is through value proposition design.

 *Value proposition design

A value proposition is a clear description of a tangible result, experienced by the customer or consumer when using your products/services. These tangible results are derived from existing features of products or services, but can also be designed based on the needs of the customers and/or consumers (human-centred design).

Value proposition design means to find the ‘pains and gains’ of your customers or users. Once these are mapped out in detail, we will work together to figure out if we can develop ‘pain killers’ and ‘gain creators’ based on the organisation or the product. The right balance will result in a value proposition that allows you to create extra relevant distinctions with your services and/or products, which can in turn lead to new trade relationships, distinguishing offerings compared to your competition and new market opportunities.

Vision Kitchen can work with the client to make an analysis of existing propositions and products and deploy the present expertise, vision and scenarios to make them more relevant and future-proof for the users.

Do you feel that your business models, trade relationships or offering could be better aligned with the present day or are you interested in an explanation about future-proof brands according to Vision Kitchen’s vision? Feel free to contact us for an introduction or orientation, no strings attached, via or call +316 22696476

Scenario planning

Because a lot of investments take a long time to generate returns, it is recommended to make sure you have a clear picture of the potential future scenarios applicable to your organisation and/or industry. Vision Kitchen can draft a scenario planning roadmap together with the client in order to gain an understanding of potentially disruptive elements sooner, anticipate them at an earlier stage and achieve clearer focus.

Scenario planning is a method for creating various scripts for the future. Of course it doesn’t predict the future, but it does help deal with uncertainty. Scenarios provide an understanding of the present and the future.

 Vision Kitchen has created a method for mapping all relevant trends, developments and weak signals. Based on this database, relevant matters are filtered for the client. These developments are extrapolated across longer periods of time which eventually results in potential scenarios for the product or service.

Curious about the possibilities with regards to scenario planning for your organisation, services or brands? Contact Vision Kitchen for an orientation, no strings attached.

Vision Kitchen’s Incubator

We know that the current food system is broken in some areas and needs to be ‘repaired’. Important matters are not being addressed because they don’t directly benefit individual manufacturers or because collaborations for addressing more collective matters cannot be forged. And yet this involves themes that are in the best interest of the consumer, society or the environment.

Based on our astonishment and/or frustration, we regularly set up projects and activities in our own ‘Future Food Incubator’ in order to get things moving. Of course, we cannot fix the entire system. But we are convinced that every little bit helps on the road towards a better world of food.

 The projects focus on health, environment or social developments, always related to food.

 Curious about our running projects? Click here for more information

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